Presenting our organisation- William Star, based out of Canada as one of the pioneer, prominent elite leader organisation of the world today in the field of futuristic science and technology.

We are leaders in the businesses of the futuristic power source, research and development in the science of ancient wisdom with modern applications.

We are into space developmental programs with unified treaties with most modern advanced countries of the world in the domain. We are legends in satellite launches with the best of facilities in terms of launches from academic project levels to the most sophisticated confidential launches. Our contribution towards the project Mission Mars has been initial, significant, recognised and applauded. We are also specialised in bringing the manned space mission very successfully back to mother earth.

We have a new division that handles launches using ground vehicles and this technology has broken many barriers and has now made launches more affordable and economical for the developing countries to participate in space programmes.

We are also into metallurgy and our interest in this segment is also due to the positive probability of finding some very rare metals with unique functions that could change the way this world functions in terms of the human interference with nature. These materials are prominently found in the Asia Pacific geographical boundaries.

We are into the development of modern medical solutions to various challenges that the world faces today. Our research budgets runs in trillions of dollars providing the best infrastructure for the brilliant minds who produce astounding results. Most of our research converts into efficient solutions to the threats faced by numerous advanced drug resistant viruses.

We are also proud to be in the sector of advanced renewable power generation with minimal damage to the environment. This domain’s scope is vastly expanding with brilliant minds who are partnering with us. We are very successful in innovating ideas that are formatted from ancient wisdom, which has long been undermined. We are bold enough to believe in this newer dimension that is promising us solutions from different view point that goes against the theories and some very basic fundamentals of science and normal scientists wouldn’t believe in. Our engineering gurus from the Asia Pacific region and India to be specific are doing their best to contribute the optimal output in this segment, which was originated from their homeland.

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